Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods is now available to download

“The Z-Fighters must contend with Bills, the God of Destruction. But it takes a god to fight a god, and none of them are gods… not even the Saiyans. “

Video details:

  • Full title: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods TS CAM
  • Length: 703 MiB for 1h 26mn 04s
  • Resolution: 720x480px with 25fps
  • Audio: MPEG Audio(128000, at 128 Kbps)

Download VLC Media Player to read subbtitles

dbz battle of gods full movie subtitles
subbs languages
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Nederlands
  • Portuguese
DBZ Battle of Gods SUBBED:

download dbz battle of gods
dbz battle of gods full movie english dubbing

  • English Language
  • Full Voice Dubbing

DBZ Battle of Gods ENG DUBBING:

download dbz battle of gods
How to download
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STEP 4: Select one of the versions – subbed or dubbed

dragon ball z battle of gods full movie download
Download the DBZ Battle of Gods Full Movie now and watch this amazing part of Son Goku stories. Watch his battles now. Our super hero reaches new level – the Super Saiyayín God and you must see it! You will be surprised that Son Goku will get new appearance – red hair, red eyebrows and red eyes.
Son Goku will be serious God!

103 thoughts on “Download

  1. I’ve founded this link on Facebook and it was my lucky!!!! MY movie is downloading :mrgreen: just only 15 minutes left

    my internet is sloooow…

  2. I watched all previous Dragon Ball Z Movies and I waited for this!!!!! thanks because it hasn’t been released in Europe yet

    • we are all waiting for this Hernan… It has been released just only in Japan and we must wait a minimum several months for release in other countries :(

      but I’m lucky that I’ve founded this site – THANKS FOR UPLOAD!!!

    • yeah, good job – this TS CAM version has really good quality and I think that DVDRips on other sites are fake, right?

    • man…. just see the comments here and on facebook :) All of us have downloaded it – it’s in very good quality and you can download it without doubt :mrgreen:

      I can’t wait for next DBZ movies ;————–)

  3. quality is very good as it TS CAM – I don’t detect diferrences than other films in DVD Rip :)

    But, is it possible to add Dutch language? Im from Netherlands, I speak English, but I want to show this movie my son :)


    • please give us english dubbing as it’s possible

      I watched it with French subtitles and it was really good, but I don’t like Japanese lang, sorry :P

    • What can be illegal in this? It’s TS CAM version, if you don’t want to download the file to your computer you can watch it ONLINE ;)

    • very? what do u mean? it works normally, I downloaded it and watched the movie on computer – with eng subbs ;)

  4. it’s fantastic! but I wanna watch in theater!! I must see it, when it will be release in California????

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