DBZ: Battle of Gods Nederlands subtitles

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We have got a lot of questions of more languages of subtitles to DBZ: Battle of Gods Full Movie. At first we released version in just only 5 languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Français and Portugese) and we asked you to help us to translate them to other languages. A lot of people have entered to do it and now we have got new full translated version – DBZ: Battle of Gods Nederlands subtitles.

Very thanks for all Dutch Dragon Ball Fans – you must appreciate them, because they have done it for you. Now you have download our version of Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Nederlands subbs from our site. We think that you will be very pleased.

And we remind to that any DVD or Blue-Ray version of DBZ Battle of Gods hasn’t been released yet, so please be very carefull and don’t download the fake version from some suspect sites.

From our Dragon Ball FanSite you can download for now just only TS CAM version, because this is just only available, DVDRip should arrive in next few months, you must be patient. However our TS CAM version is really in very good quality. We didn’t get any complaints about this :-)

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie Download with english subbs

Hi everyone,

As you can see – on our site we published the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie Download and it is available for free for now (and it won’t be change). This movie has been now released just only in Japan, so it is very difficult to get the good quality version, but we think that movie in resolution 720x480p is definitely enough.

For now we provide just only TS CAM version because this is now available (all DVDRip/Blueray RIPs are fakes!). However we hope that in few months we will get the DVDRip version and we will upload the DBZ: Battle of Gods Full Movie DVDRip then.

Dragin Ball Z: Battle of Gods Full Movie with english subbtitles

Our version includes subbtitles in 5 languages – in English too of course. The subbs have been made by group of Dragon Ball fans and the final version has been corrected a lot of times before it has been released, so you can keep calm – there aren’t any errors in translation.

Available subbtitles: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugese, France
if you want to help us to translate subbs to other languages please write to translate-group@dbzbattleofgods.net
we will be very grateful if you can help us

dragon ball z battle of gods full movie download

So download the DBZ: Battle of Gods Full Movie now for free and see that Dragon Ball is still one of the best ANIME on the world :-)

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